Verification With a Klick: Hire Right the First Time !

Even in today’s talent-driven labor market where job openings outnumber talent supply, job fraudsters are a thing. Some candidates actively seeking a job can still be desperate, and are willing to inflate their resumes with credentials and experience they don’t have. Recent studies suggest that over 3% of job applicants take recourse to some form of impersonation and identity fraud, in order to acquire jobs for which they would not otherwise be qualified.

A reliable and easy-to-use screening process that can work in conjunction with your current applicant tracking system (ATS) and vendor management system (VMS) is a cost-effective way to ensure you are hiring the right people, every time.

Such verification tools are a great way to identify imposters while helping screen those whose resumes are stored in your system. They rely on innovative technologies that use both digital identity verification and voice biometrics to screen candidates during the recruitment process.

Identification verification. A candidate who claims 10 years’ experience, yet whose driver’s license shows him or her to have been in high school just four years ago, will cost you time, money, and even your reputation. It’s vital to know exactly whom you are hiring, and today there are products in the marketplace that help with that. Our soon-to-be-released product, VeriKlick, for instance, interfaces help you accomplish that while integrating with your ATS and VMS. Our product has other features as well. For instance, with a simple scan of a picture ID, a recruiter can be certain that the potential candidate is who they say they are.

Voice verification. Your voice is unique, just like your fingerprint. In fact, voices are so unique, they can be matched and verified to add another layer of screening to the application process. Financial institutions have begun implementing this technology to protect their valued clients, and your company can do the same.

Products like ours help verify the candidate’s information ensuring that voiceprints are safeguarded with the same high-level standards used to secure all of your company’s candidate and hiring information. VeriKlick’s verification system uses sophisticated biometric technology to identify the unique patterns of each voice, recorded through the product and saved for future reference.

Retention is critical. Given the war for talent, it’s little surprise that companies are paying attention to their retention rates. In fact, 87% percent of HR leaders consider improved employee retention to be a ‘critical’ or ‘high’ priority for their businesses over the next five years? A great way to ensure that new employees are properly screened before the onboarding process begins is to use these smart verification tools.

Turnover is expensive, no matter what type of position an employee holds! In fact, the cost to replace an employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary. Companies can minimize the costs associated with this turnover by using tools to screen job applicants.

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