Eliminating Hiring Costs with Verification Technology

Finding and hiring talent is often a costly, time-consuming process. By using streamlined candidate verification processes, however, hiring managers and recruiters will find themselves ahead of the game.

Verification Saves You Hiring Time

Spend Less Time Looking 

Think of all the time you’ll save by looking only at resumes and applications that have been filtered with the less desirable candidates removed. You want only the most qualified candidates. Some verification technology platforms specialize in specific industries, which saves you that much more time by reducing the number of prospects you need to vet.

Spend Less Time Screening Candidates

Employee verification is a time-consuming process. You know that phone screens, preliminary interviews, and reference checks can’t be conducted themselves. This eats up precious hours, but verification can give you that time back.

Verification Saves You Money

See Better Retention

If a problematic prospect isn’t vetted, they could become a problem if they’re hired. Making a poor hiring decision due to poor screening practices could result in a new hire not lasting long. You’ll find yourself back to square one, spending more time (and ultimately, more money) looking for talent. Proper candidate verification improves the retention of your organization’s staff.

Lower Your Hiring Process Costs

Background checks, drug testing, and other tests and checks aren’t free – they require either your time or money, and sometimes both. Background checks and drug screens, for instance, can be costly. Wouldn’t you love to eliminate these costs?

UCSDHC Jobs states that, “According to a recent report in HR Magazine, over 76% of companies use some form of employee screening when recruiting candidates. Most organizations have a third-party vendor conduct the employee screening.”

Verification Technology Could Be for You

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. An excellent talent management program is available to help you with onboarding, documentation, and vetting. 

Candidate verification technology like that of VeriKlick makes life easier. Set hiring tasks to perform automatically, verify credentials, and more. Give yourself more time to focus on more important responsibilities while the hiring process becomes more simplified.

Interview-ready candidates are passed on to your hiring managers, thoroughly vetted by VeriKlick. The searching, screening, verifying, and recruiting is done for you so you can spend your time interviewing and hiring. Request a free trial or speak to a talent advisor (732-534-3888) to understand how our solution can eliminate hiring costs!

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